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Who We Are


We are a breath of fresh air. All of our work is shaped by actively listening to what people really want. Our honest, down-to-earth approach enables people to take control, become responsible for their actions and reap the rewards they deserve. With our passion for people we aim to inspire, invigorate and sustain a better life for everyone we work with.

Meet The Team

Chris Hailey-Norris


Chris is stuck in the 80s - but luckily only music wise! Over 30 years Chris has developed his passion for making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people in the community, this includes; training, life coaching, and volunteering for a variety of community organisations and initiatives. A few bizarre claims to fame: Chris has sung a duet on stage with Lulu, he is the proud owner of three original 1980s trolls and he has the autographs of a Agnetha and Frida from ABBA!

Emily Havercroft


Emily, referred to by Chris as ‘the Mary Poppins of Selby District’, has worked and volunteered in the voluntary sector for over 20 years. Emily is particularly experienced in supporting people with disabilities, physical and mental health conditions and terminal illness. She especially loves using the arts to enable people to express themselves and move forward. A few everyday things Emily couldn’t do without: yummy food, stained glass, Tina Turner, lists, and hair mousse!

John Hailey (Tony)


Tony, nicknamed at work “the smiling crocodile“ is to everyones delight happily retired. This allows him to pursue the two outdoor activities that he most enjoys which are caravanning and gardening. Tony believes that life should be fun. If it is not then changes must be made to get back on track. What better way to have fun than exploring the great outdoors or creating a beautiful garden? How about helping the wife with her shopping!

Ann Rhodes


Ann, known for many years by her work colleagues as ‘The Rottweiler’, wouldn’t want everyone to know that really - she’s a big softie! After over 30 years of business experience, Ann now runs the local charity ‘Selby Hands of Hope’; supporting people in the community and running two successful charity shops. In Ann’s Room 101 would be: rain, moaning, Brexit and clothing loops (“Those horrible little things that stick out from under your arm pits and irritate you!”)

Scott Cowling

Social Media & ICT

Scott, known to all of us as, ‘IT God’, lives and breathes programming. A combination of his love of photography, website design skills, and social media expertise has led him to supporting numerous community groups and projects. Scott could not be without his camera, his ‘monster’ desktop, dual display, and Fentiman's Curiosity Cola.

Myles Labhaya

Community Project Worker

Myles is obsessed with music; playing it, creating and listening to it! He has lived in Selby for 3&½ years, both volunteering and working in the voluntary sector. He has a passion for creativity and loves to put his own stamp on things, transforming old things to new. These would be Myles’ top three desert island albums: their satanic majesties request – the rolling stones , punk planet – Enjoy , Fun house – The Stooges

Jon Moses


Jon featured as a finalist in ITV’s hit show ‘SUPERSTAR’ with Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Since the show, Jon has released a top 5 album, performed all over the world, and appeared in numerous theatres in leading man roles. Following recovery from a horrific and traumatic event in 2018, Jon has worked with MTH to establish ‘BVocal’, to support individuals in moving their own lives forward following trauma. Jon loves the arts and utilising this to enable others.